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Allure Consulting Ltd our mission is to create value and provide professional expertise to International businesses helping our clients reach their goals and objectives. Allure will evaluate businesses within local authorities, government, and business organizations with ingenuity, creativity, and innovation.



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The legacy of the past is shaping the future where the future is to draw resources from society and transfer them in a digital way around the rest of the organization. Businesses will need to develop a comprehensive digital strategy and rethink their business models and operating environment in order to develop their digital strategy. Evidence from PWC claims businesses have committed resources and are investing in upskilling their staff. Other businesses are making attempts to attract the best talent from a pool of natural resources that society has to offer. Clients are looking to do business with people they can trust, establishing a collaborative relationship with clients will be important to maintain a sustained competitive advantage.

When you think of the past you might imagine radical and incremental innovations in manufacturing and automation. You might think of creative destruction processes as innovations in the manufacturing process that increases productivity. Think of old technologies being replaced with new and you can see innovation as a key driver of innovative strategies that are formulated and implemented to improve processes. It may be what is needed now disruptive innovation, and creative destruction where there is a deliberate dismantling of established processes in order to make way for improved methods of production. Businesses might need to rethink their business models and start thinking about disruptive business models, which employ a strategy for creating new markets and demand for their products.   

                           Strategic planning sessions




Let our experts take the stress out of value creation for your business yielding your organization a multitude of tangible benefits, for example, cost reduction and income gains. Allure Consulting Ltd's aim is to provide a legitimate service people can trust so you will never pay for work that doesn’t need doing. At Allure Consulting Ltd our consultants and marketers want to create uniqueness for your organization such is the power of our brand positioning analysis proposition a unique strategy that can win market share. 

What makes our strategies unique are the benefits and advantages they can bring to your business. Our strategies are the gain creators for your organization and have the capability to influence greater control over operations by linking capacities across organizations essential for capturing cross-national scale, scope, learning, and value helping your organization to cost leadership.

The flagship in the range of our strategies the 4C’s can help businesses achieve economies of scale because it connects differing business units across geographic regions and is a game-changer in the field of strategy development a matter of defeating the competition (Porter, 1986).

Allure consulting Ltd exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision, and optimize performance and productivity.

                          Brand positioning & analysis





With brand positioning analysis your brand is exposed to the elements of the audience you are targeting. The audience looks at your brand and can transfer it’s synergies to potential customers. The positioning of a brand in the market place means it could become a brand leader and increase sales. A brand can be an identity to some consumers that they connect with for life. You can change its shape or design but that is just undoing all that hard work that has gone on before. The audience you have built up over time no matter how big or small are important because you want to retain their emotional connection with your brand. The logic of your brand in your target audience’s minds or at least what makes sense to them means they like what you are doing as an organization it may be possible to capture more value for them where they will remain loyal to the brand.

A strong brand is instantly recognizable it is something that people grow accustomed to so it becomes a novelty something that has always been there in their minds. Think of Nike as a brand, you might not wear Nike trainers but you know they are there or have always been there when it comes to footwear. That is the power of brands they have the power to influence and seduce.   

At Allure, we build brand experience and awareness for your target audience and your brand becomes part of the family and is almost considered as a necessity like footwear. We use the brand to increase market share and grow sales through brand reputation.   

                        Management Consulting




Our Management Consultancy service can tackle the 10 biggest challenges businesses are facing today. They include uncertainty about the future, financial management, monitoring performance, regulation, compliance competencies and also recruiting the right talent, finding ways to improve customer service, maintaining brand reputation, and knowing when to embrace change. As well as the above challenges there are globalization challenges businesses are facing. For example, businesses will need to better understand international markets and cultures through better information gathering and analysis. Government intervention and innovation are also causing uncertainty and are the number one challenge of uncertainty about the future.  

Innovation is an issue affecting the customer/client landscape, where a better innovation strategy is top of the agenda for most CEO. 

Speak to one of our consultants today to see how they can help your business.    

                        Digital working & collaboration



Digital technologies in business are artificial intelligence, advanced robotics’ cognitive automation, advanced analytics, and the internet of things. Digital technologies provide opportunities for improved financial performance and better customer service for example, in hospitals and other industries it provides reduced waiting times because it can move more data thanks to faster speeds. 5G opportunities for businesses promise to lower latency, offer greater stability, and have the ability to connect more devices at once. According to a study by Gartner 66% of businesses plan to deploy 5G by 2020. 5G networks alongside existing 4G networks will be 10-20 times faster than 4G when fully deployed. 5G will have more capacity for multiple devices to be used at the same time in the same area. An advantage of 5G is that one of its towers can cover three business units in the same area. Digital technology can reduce costs for businesses because it will enable goods to be produced at costs far below what firms using older technologies could achieve. Digital technology can change the traditional ideas of price-quality trade-off and allow the production of high-quality tailor-made goods at a low cost.