LATEST REPORT: 2020 ​The future: The internet of things



The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way we think it has encouraged radical thinking and has seen the introduction of thoughtful processes which has allowed us to create schemes that have seen collaboration across the voluntary sector and local authorities to ensure the safety and needs of the community are met. It has meant dynamic capabilities are in demand because of an increasing rate of change.  For example, businesses have responded to the alarming rate of change that came with the pandemic by utilizing excess capacity. Some public service institutions, for example, have provided additional on-line community support services. The coronavirus pandemic has seen many businesses and services turning to digital technology and 5G technologies mainly for their speed but also for a new form of communication. 5G has brought most services on-line and seen people working remotely from home.

This way of doing things could be the start of things to come a signal and an indicator of the future, where it will be an increasingly virtual world. In response to the pandemic, the West Midlands and the rest of the UK has a second chance to get things right in response to the second threat of an outbreak. This would entail organizing in advance to be well prepared if a second wave of the pandemic was to happen. The pandemic has seen many businesses restructuring and are making investments in prevention work and crisis management. Managers are taking precautions and are implementing safer working practices providing more information to employees at work, not just for virus outbreaks but also for our safety and well-being in the workplace.

Businesses will need to ensure against future unexpected events such as cyber-attacks, stock market failures, and virus outbreaks. We are evolving as a species businesses are working smarter not harder; we are now in an age where there is digital technology that can collect information about our health. For example, biodata lets the consumer see and better monitor our health and lets you get a better insight into the disease realm. There are gains to be made for businesses with value propositions that provide more convenience for the consumer. This is the future this is the internet of things.

                        Our values




At Allure are values are what guides us in our day-to-day activities. Allure Consulting Ltd values the freedom of free markets where our experts are free to service and improve business performance by developing creative solutions and by working collaboratively within flexible client relationships. The group's business also values innovation and believes it should be rewarded for its use throughout the organization. Allure Consulting Ltd aims

to be a diverse company, to respect the views and opinions of others.

To work hard today for an easier life tomorrow.

To have respect for one’s self and for others.

To make integral our vision for prosperity.

           Our challenges




Businesses will face an increasing complexity of challenges over the next five years. At Allure our solution will be to turn those complexities into simplicities. Allure Consulting Ltd believes this to be a differentiator that will lead to competitive advantage.

                              Our Goals  
At Allure, our goal is to make a recommendation based on diagnostics and to increase our customer satisfaction score by 5% by 2022. We also aim to establish a collaborative relationship with our clients by reaching increased loyalty and organizational trust also by 2022.