New product development


By Steven Lawson September 11, 2020

History can quite often determine the future of our desire's needs and wants. Innovations of the past have shaped our lives and provided people with many benefits. Consumers like anything that makes their lives easier and makes them healthier so they can live longer which enables them to enjoy and spend more time with their grandchildren. Because they are the future they will enjoy the new products of today which will help to shape the future of things. New product development can be many things including providing consumers with more choice, convenience, and value. To many people, new product development can be a product that makes our lives easier or it can be learning to do something new. For example, after reading a cookbook new knowledge is gained in making new recipes and dishes that the reader can cook to eat and enjoy as a dish they have never tasted before. New product development is new tacit knowledge; it is something that can be learned that we never knew about before. Humans are always learning to do something new for themselves. At Allure consulting Ltd, our consultants plan to make our client's life easier by providing a convenient consulting service designed to meet our client's everyday needs.

As consultants, we are continuously evolving and always learning new ways of doing things. We are continuously exploring and researching new product developments, our markets, and our client's markets. Our consultants listen to our clients’ needs and we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer and aftercare service which enables us to position ourselves to better serve our client’s needs. Our consultants are qualified and our extensive network enables us to tap into a rich source of resources where we can guide our clients about the best course of prudent future action. What do our clients typically require from consultants? Typically they may want to know how is the current use of computer technology being used effectively?

A good answer will inform the prospective client that computer technology such as AI can be used to communicate with customers such as chat-bots. AI technology is driving algorithms to automate security, presently it is being trialed by several companies to determine the value it provides as new staff to handle customers and potential customers. Artificial intelligence is linking overseas suppliers of goods and services with buyers. Our professionally qualified consultants are dependable, trustworthy, and reliable they provide advice and recommendations on regulations, governance, and `going global’; setting up a business in international markets.

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Case study:

Our client a pharmaceutical manufacturer wants to set up facilities in South America to extract plant organic material which will be processed in their factory and used for a new line of medicine. The client needs to know what existing legalities there are. How is the country governed? And do the people of the region have any beliefs about the particular organic material they want to extract? Can this information be used in marketing the product?

Problem: Our client needs to know are there any landowner’s rights in this region of the world? A good answer might consider the surrounding infrastructure of the region. It will also consider the benefits of the factory to residents for example jobs and better pay.

Recommendations: Evaluate and select methods for selling the product abroad to determine if the new product will sell abroad. The product should make for the provision of communicating its benefits in the host countries language. The consultant should research regulations of the market and consider currency fluctuations.

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