Creating Long-lasting value you can trust
Founded as Enterprise Consulting in 2019 Allure went through a restructuring program just a year later almost reinventing itself into the company you know today. Allure Consulting Ltd has had to adapt ourselves to changing industry structures and adjust to take advantage of the opportunities. Adapting to changing environments is one of our core competencies and requires our people to be flexible in order to serve our clients with due diligence. A factor of this due diligence is that we take on the client’s problem and make it our own. Here at Allure, we are creating a culture that we think will set us apart from the competition. Our culture embraces consulting and innovation and challenges its people to share their passion for consulting through-out our organization. This philosophy has enabled Allure to reposition itself in a local niche market as a differentiator with a focus on improving business performance.
Allure Consulting Ltd's advisory & business services bring economic freedom and professional expertise to managers worldwide while helping our customers reach their goals and objectives. We exist to help organizations develop and implement strategies that will improve an organizations' performance so it is better able to deal with uncertainty. 
Our people are inspired to inspire others; in our organization, there is an agile transparent culture of innovation. We want our people’s minds to connect in ways they thought were never imaginable, so as to provide world-class innovative solutions to our clients' pressing issues. Allure Consulting Ltd will support each other to achieve this goal and these attributes allow us to position ourselves as a differentiator in the market.
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